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  1. OH yes indeed that is what it seems
  2. hmmm....I guess we're enemies then...

  3. Felt like a change really, plus Takeda clan is ftw
  4. Whats with the new Avvy?
  5. I just got owned
  6. WE are talking about the samurai. YOU are not in the conversation. XD
  7. oh oh oh are we talking bout the samurai?
  8. Hmm....I'll check that out then. thx
  9. Im not sure you meant to do this or not but i was over readin your DQ series again, and i realised that on page 2, there are two chapter 9's. Or maybe you meant to do that???
  10. you think? I still have to go to Japanese school on Sundays and I even get homework!!! Aside from the other homework from my English school.

    I think it was about....$50 ish, maybe $60 ish.
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