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  1. okay pretty cool, I still think 83 is the best for me though.
  2. anyway, hows thing on 83 for you?
  3. I don't stalk... ...I follow.
  4. I just love visiting ur page
  5. oh wait oops... your not one of the x-wildcats... sorry lol got messed up.
  6. ur in ULHOA now? bleh, what happen to orders? i see all the x-wildcat from 1st created wild1s, btw did 0S0 and Funk Dawg like quit or something? 0S0 be so proud of LB and the rest created wild1s which I TRIED so hard convincing them to create like a month ago and NOT merge wth 1stOrder. We could of been number 1 by now.
  7. I am soo LONEELEY
    I got NOBODDDY
  8. I feel so low on 111. I'm used to having all the people talk to me whenever i say something in world, but here in 111 ...
    [aim4hot]: Hey! Sup everyone
    [aim4hot]: TALK! I know you all wanna! Don't be shy! I love you all!
    [aim4hot]: hello?
    * silence *
    2hour later....
    Lord Darknight91 gained 1 Holy Water (5 pieces package)(worth 90 Cents) from Amulet!
  9. omfg!! change ur signature... ur not 49k! wait didya restart? im bored ( like always :P)
  10. o wait nvm.... thought u were talking bout what server i play on pic right?.... wn1
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