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  1. Also, what is up with the 1k limit? I said half of what I wanted to ...

    but Re test ... It's actually 7 tests for 7 licenses, after which I am nearly certified. Despite recent events suggesting otherwise, the trading world is surprisingly well-regulated.
  2. I think you misread my message. I was unhappy that Tipp was banned, but after him telling me that he wanted to get banned it became a non-issue, that thread I made was just a vain attempt at getting banned and cut all ties with evony after 3? years. However, it seems that breaking every rule on here is no longer infractable behavior. After seeing that I realized that anything further is lowering myself to a very low standard.

    I like to completely eliminate distractions instead of just 'walking away' Sure I could go away for 3 months, but one day the mind would wander while online and I would end up here again.

    If you can't ban people outright just look at my history and ban me from there, I have over 5 pages of infractions, and these were picked up in a very lenient environment . You guys seem to be able to suspend for virtually no reason/explaination, so how is it possible that there is no way to ban a person who has constantly broken ToS and who is asking for a ban?
  3. PS - Good luck on your test!
  4. Lucas,

    I would hope not to see you attempt to threaten the Evony staff just in an effort to have yourself banned - we cannot simply ban you outright. I am certain your maturity is higher than that of an infant, so I will not show concern. I do hope you can show some semblance of self control in your posts, or turn off your computer when you feel tempted. If it is too hard to do I would be concerned, as not being able to stop yourself from logging into a website in an attempt to hurt people is indicative of a deeper rooted issue, as there are much more dangerous things out there that can harm you in the real world if you cannot control yourself on such a basic level. I do wish you well and hope that you can find the strength in you not blindly follow others off cliffs, as your letter indicates in your affections you promised to ritualistically commit internet suicide if your friends could not function on a basic level in society.

    Kind Regards,

  5. Hi AA,

    Out of respect for the many laughs that this forum has given me I would like to publicly ask for a permant strike through my name. I have my financial security licencing tests forthcoming and I think its time to finally take the next step in life. That and Tipp and I had a pact regarding a ban and I am a man of my word. I think it would be best for all if you made the ban happen, and avoided the lows that I would have to go to in order to 'earn' a ban, I think we both know that I have done enough to earn multiple bans on multiple occasions. I posted this as a vm as to kill any potential blowback and I hope that you honour my request in the same way that I heeded all of your warnings. I will attempt to log back in on thursday, if I am not banned by then I most certainly will be on Friday.


  6. Oh okay! lol I'm sorry, I got too worked up there for a minute! *phew* that was close, I may have actually made a TOTAL fool of myself!
  7. AA is Canadian and I am Canadian she is mine to suck up to! I keep wanting her to sign my infraction wall but nothing doing
  8. haha nah Dundalk Ontario ... I hate on Tipp to much to be remotly irish.
  9. Oh stop, you're making me blush!
    And you grew up in Dundalk?? So jealous!! My dad was from Ireland, I've always wanted to go and visit my extended family there but I've never had the chance. You sir, have trumped any awesomeness I could hope to claim!
  10. So you're a small town girl? That explains your awesomeness ... I grew up in the small town of Dundalk, Mississauga is like the promised land to me.
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