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  1. Opinions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. D:!!!!! your OPINION will not be accepted on my wall!
  3. I hate you
  4. LMAO just deadly
  5. Uhm dude, I think cleverbot is becoming dangerous.

    Me: Are you skynet?

    Bot: Yes

    Me: Are you alive?

    Bot: Yes

    Me: Do you plan on taking over the world?

    Bot: I plan on ending your world.

  6. Say something random
  7. Me: So you kill people?

    Bot: Yes I do! Do you like to eat intergalactic cheeseburgers?

    How does one respond to this?
  8. Never heard of it!
    All I did was show a picture of Jesus and got a infraction over it....

  9. Where did my post go??
    Dam must be the Ace again!!!
  10. Acer is moderating my visitor messages now. Move to PMs only.
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