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  1. how are ya........miss our chats
  2. im so glad mz nurse is doing good, question? why does she have single in her box, shes not single lolz, ill beat her up for that one
  3. well mz nurse is a good ingredient , correct?
  4. Why, what other special ingredient would I need? >
  5. how is mz nurse doing, cant seem to talk to her when im online, tell her hi for me
  6. what ingredient you missing sweets?
  7. One deluxe bath with all the trimmings...I just need the most important ingredient Fed-Ex'ed to me from up north
  8. and i wanna put body chocolate lotion all over nurse, ehehheehe
  9. and i wanna go walking by the park and feed the ducks, poprocks not bread :P
  10. oh and breakfast in bed, 4 eggs overmedium, sourdough toast (to look at) and some sausage links, and pepsi the drink of champions, hehehe
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