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    Idk, Celtic goddess? lol.... Tell me if you would like another sig instead, maybe attach me with a render or something too..
  2. I'm back to bother you again for graphics, but only because I'm hosting and I kind of want a game themed one. >
  3. aww I love that <3 ty!


    This was my first go at it, was in a hurry, and ill make another one if u no likey...
  5. tis okay, I'm just giving you a hard time cuz I can. *hug*
  6. Ah sheet, sry, BLAHME me, had two exams and 1 test this week so hadnt much time for pc :/ Gonna get started now!
  7. Sig soon? >
  8. aww thanks <3 I wouldn't say that I'm a "pro" but I do know a few things about the game. If you need any help with Evony related things, just let me know!
  9. just saw ur war city for beginners, didnt know i made a sig for a
    I have an account too, but i need some advices, i think
  10. SIGS done! In ma shop, hope you likez!
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