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  1. hey you been doing good?
  2. hey you doing good?
  3. Yep Summer,
    Hard to be on a computer so much when real life is so much fun. I love summer and I missed a lot of it. Trying to get out more.
  4. well its ok i understand i been really busy myself lately too
  5. yes hon good and busy too. Sorry I missed u.
  6. well hey sorry i have not mailed or anything in a while i been kinda busy lately...well you been good?
  7. its ok just wish my bosses would make up there mind on things...seems that i can run there positions better if i knew what to do
  8. good dandan hows things for you hon?
  9. hey well how are things going?
  10. thats cool im about to go to bed i gotta be at work earlly in the morning for extra hours..
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