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  1. I'd like a Pokemon-related theme, please. I'm not sure quite what I have in mind as for specifics, but I'd like it to be dark, sinister, and intimidating.

    I both this name and the name Cosmic Fury (on other boards), so can you make two versions of the same sig? All I need are the names. Thanks!
  2. I can try, what did you have in mind?
  3. Awesome, thanks!

    Would you mind if you also did a couple Pokemon-related ones?
  4. Oki doke, played around a bit and came up with these two beauties. Tried to keep them within the brief and I hope they meet your requirement, dear sir.

    Your Cosmic Fury sig;

    And the one with both names on;
  5. You mentioned that you'll be able to make me a sig?

    I need one like this: I need it to say in the top left-hand corner "Jurnis" as my sig right now says, in the most intimidating font imaginable. I need it to say "Cosmic Fury" s164 in the lower right-hand corner, in similar text.

    I need the whole thing to follow along with the words "Cosmic Fury" if that's possible. I'll give you free rein on the sig itself, and you can place your mark wherever you feel it's best at.

    Can you make a similar sig as well, with the words "Cosmic Fury" only, in the same font, but in the best place possible? I have that username a lot of other places, and I'd love a sig I can take everywhere.

    For the pic, you have free rein, as long as the overall color is darker and has a bluish presence to it. Thanks!
  6. Hi, you able to make me a sig?
  7. Thanks for the sig!!! It's awesome!
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