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  1. Judging by your previous response, I think you realise by now you will not win, and since you have such a growing ego(not a good trait for a 9 year old) you're unable to accept it...
  2. I wish you would have put a little more thought and time into your responses lol..
    Oh and nice nerd move on correcting my grammar.
  3. "Evony is for nerds and geeks who can't make friends.."
    You should know, more than me...

    I think you meant "You're"

    "Learn how to be a man"
    Is that the line the kiddies use on each other now a days? lmao...

    "Go suck a ****!!!"
    I have no desire to have that as a goal, unlike you...
  4. Evony is for nerds and geeks who can't make friends..
    Your'e a perfect example.
    Maybe one day you'll get off your fat ass grow up and learn how to be a man.
    Until then,
    Go suck a ****!!!
  5. I'm glad you retired - Evony is now a better place.
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