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  1. bed =P oh wait you meant rp-wise.. Or did you? O.o
  2. Where is you?
  3. Ah yes. I'm sorry. I shall do better. And finish my post of course. Patience.
  4. Keeping people waiting for 10 hours while not posting...
  5. What was? O.o
  6. That was mean.
  7. Well the bruising isn't so bad, so it can't be all that harsh... right?
  8. Yikes. That can't be fun >.<
  9. Yeah, now I'm just healing all sorts of incisions, complete with internal bleeding which I hope goes away soon so I don't have to go back...
  10. heh, yeah, don't mind if I do then. Better than letting that jander bloke do it all speaking of things I should warn her about lol. Oh n glad to hear you're out of hospital btw
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