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  1. ok, thats perfect then

    I told you I have your pic (the camera goes off )
  2. Just hes like one of the best sig makers on/was on the forums lol.... If you look back in my posts you'll see a lot of them were on his sig shop praising his work XD (kinda like when I'm on your sig shop lmao)
  3. You are one of the best

    Did you ever meet WN1_Hit?
  4. Light shade of blue? idk, yellow just doesn't go well with me.... some childhood experience must be behind it.....
  5. hmmmm

    Could you change the background color? "Seal Of Awesomeness" even if out of place would be good on it.... (hahahaha, this is most likely a 1 time job, so I want it perfect )
  6. I'm not awesomeness for no reason

    Wow, your sig shop is popular! lol
  7. lol, friends-sports-priority? I don't compute!!!!! lol

    Ah, better to spend your time here, than on Facebook where someone can stalk you.... *quickly hides awesomeness' pic of arathorn
  8. That's what Evony if for lmao

    So have you stopped playing all servers?
  9. lmao. If you don't like it, you play it because?

    (ps. it doesn't need to be done the same day )
  10. LOL, I will come up with a few to post tomorrow night... Can't let your shop go unused in over 12 hrs!!!
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