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  1. I read it on your palm!
  2. Oh how did you know?
  3. Hmmm I sense drama, and the powerful will to win!
  4. Exactly. Especially when people who think they know what's best for me try to influence what I want.
  5. Well of course it's their fault! If your not getting your way then something is wrong!
  6. Because I want to get my way. I feel kind of guilty, but whatever. It their fault.
  7. Oh my oh my lol, why would such betrayal be needed? hehe
  8. Hey thorn

    Nothin much lol, how bout you?
  9. alright will do, thanks hun
  10. Just don't do her sig lol, can't get in touch with her atm

    And thanks, it looks great!
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