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  1. Yeah, that'd be great, but have too much other stuff to do when I'm working. I just make sure to maximize my time, when I'm not at work or school.
  2. Ooh nice! too bad you cant bring a laptop into work and play! lol
  3. I used to drive a truck for a living (15yrs). Now I'm working in a convenience store on graveyard shift, while I go to school for MT (Massage Therapy). Can't wait til I graduate.
  4. lol thanks! what do u do for work?
  5. love the new pics. I'd do the same at my job, but they don't allow us to have our cell phones, and can't access the security tapes. lol
  6. Thanks!!!
  7. Just wanted to tell ya, I think yer hubby/bf is one VERY lucky man.
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