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  1. Np

    And yeah, not seen anything I've wanted to comment on really. Or haven't because I can't be bothered to start an argument lol
  2. Thanks for that tip in Rep, ill edit and keep it in mind for next time

    arnt you just mr lurker, Not seen you post in ages LOL
  3. Bah, you caught me :P
  4. i can understand that, if i wasnt me id be scared of me to ROFLMAO!!!!
  5. I'd ask someone to cover for me lol don't want any savage hits on my pretty city. :P
  6. darn i should have then, I may have had a chance if you wernt there :P, tho i doubt i could even get a report if you accidentaly left gates open. As my hero dont kill 10 mill scouts a hit LOL
  7. I was knackered lol..I had only come out of holiday to hit Mentat was going to go back in. It was past 7am by the time we stopped hitting so I went to bed. lol
  8. Thanks for the rep lol, im glad yesterday was over, oh and sorry i never ported on you, i didnt realise how serverly undertrooped i was till i realised i cant pack a war city more then -10 mill lol and when Real and you stoped and real left, I figured yous had given up lol. BUT next time, its gonna happen LOLOL
  9. Oh now your just rubbing it in. Lol. Do you even hit npcs anymore lol You seem to feed better on Botters Lol
  10. lol's bigger than when I took that screenshot...More resources and troops lol
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