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  1. i didn't, it was just a glimmer of hope
  2. LOL of course! How'd you know?
  3. i was kinda guessing you figured out how to make a friends list explode, and were just trying to fit them all in there together first
  4. Long story about Host spot . And about the mods....
  5. how'd you end up hosting there? and what's with the third reich on your friends list? could you fit anymore moderators on there?
  6. Same with SACRED...
  7. haha who wasn't attacking you? it's not been too bad. it gave us a new challenge in the game.
  8. Great ever since THUNDER stopped attacking my sorry ass. What's new? How you like it in N2?
  9. yeah man, haven't spoken to you since the merge. how have you been?
  10. Hey Bud! Haven't talked to you in a while.
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