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  1. I need something more substantial than a shallow compliment to respond to... >_>
  2. Hey I just met you
    And this is crazy
    But King Edrian is waiting for a respond¨
    So post in 'cademy, maybe
  3. So you need to respond to my post in The Academy
  4. ok, I will do that.
  5. Add a delay in the schedule. Say that it's a random race's custom to take a holiday on that day cause it's sacred, so in respect to them classes will not begin till the day after.
  6. When you put it like that, it does make sense. But then I would have to edit every post that say that the classes will begin in the day after tomorrow.
  7. Yeah, that ImInsane for you... :P

    I'd rather there be at the very least a couple/few days till classes get started, because it gives the chance for students to unpack, settle in, and possibly get to know one another before they get tossed together in a random mess. :P
  8. Btw, I love the Snorlax picture below
  9. Actually, there is one more day of free activities. Just to make sure that people sober up enough. We could skip, but I would like to ask the others first on skype.
  10. You might want to post to advance the plot along... I think we all used up the first day pretty nicely...

    So classes will begin about a week after people move in, right?
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