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  1. So I got all my server issues fixed... running two bukkits and a tekkit now (one is pvp/factions the other is freebuild/survival)
  2. Dunno what just happened there. It's back up again though.
  3. Not at all!

    I need moar!
  4. Don't you think you're in too many social groups?
  5. Oh thank you! I might include you in the story, but I don't know yet. I will have to wait and see.
  6. I just read your story.

    1. Good job.
    2. 'Ziggi' makes me think of Swansea.
    3. That's a nice shiny new bar of rep ya got there.
  7. Yeah, that song is a tribute to other songs. You should also listen to Metal Crue and Metal Ripper. Those two is tributes to albums and bands.
  8. So the Sabaton song, Metal Machine...
    I was listening to it on my walk home, and I heard a few lyrics that stood out. I go and look up the lyrics and I realize the whole song is basically awesomesauce metal songs.

    I have a phobia
    A fear of the dark
    Fear of the Dark ~ Iron Maiden

    Afraid to shoot strangers
    Afraid to Shoot Strangers ~ Iron Maiden

    But love gun's my friend
    Love Gun ~ Kiss

    Riding on this crazy train
    Crazy Train ~ Ozzy Osbourne

    I'm going paranoid
    Paranoid ~ Black Sabbath

    And break the law
    Breaking the Law ~ Judas Priest

    He's barking at the moon
    Bark at the Moon ~ Ozzy Osbourne

    the rainbow in the dark is shining
    Rainbow in the Dark ~ Dio

    The kings of metal ride the sky
    Ride the Sky ~ Helloween

    Is this st. anger
    St. Anger ~ Metallica

    The ultimate sin
    Ultimate Sin ~ Ozzy Osbourne

    The gates of Babylon
    Gates of Babylon ~ Rainbow

    Shout at the devil
    Shout at the Devil ~ Motley Crue
  9. Wait, I should know the answer. 8-5=potato! She will be back in potato hours!
  10. Foxy said 8 hours 5 hours ago lulz
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