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  1. Lol Budha absoultley destroyed me xP
  2. I'm in holiday at the moment, some work came up and didn't want to be too distracted
  3. And if someone did try to hit you they would absoultley be destroyed lol....are you playing ss38 right now?
  4. True..there aren't many people who would pick a fight with me on my server
  5. True lol and your you wont get hit haha i remeber when you had 6mil xP
  6. Yeah, prestige matters very little. I would drop mine but my current amount (70m) lets me reinforce my alliance should I need to without being plundered.
  7. Nice. Who cares about prestige lol i could drop to 0 prestige and be the strongest player on evony xP ( i wish i was)
  8. Ty, we're not #1 by prestige but still arguably the strongest team on there.
  9. I repped you xP you've been on a server i've played (ss38) gz on number 1 allaince (if it still is) The_Just
  10. Hey kiki get on SS38 i'll brb
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