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  1. studying, hanging out w/ my friends, playing basketball, just a bunch of stuff. Im just getting ready for next year and having a lot of fun.
  2. yup LeBron did, the Heat may get nash or allen maybe in the off season. i been on na35 taking on small alliance(damn there r alot) solo. thinking of returning to playing evony again after quiting na37. i may go to na44 or maybe a few servers after that. what u been doing over the summer to make ya busy

    p.s. i stop playing evony after na37, only playing na35 till na44 or whatever after opens.
  3. hi. I guess Lebron got that ring lol. Im only on na41 atm, probably gonna have to quit too lol, way too busy in the summer.

    What about u?
  4. long time no c man
  5. Oh hey you are here!
  6. I added you my pic is the one with chicken eating the baby
  7. hey whats your fb name so i dont want to add wrong person
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