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  1. Made this fourm acount before I started 24 duhh
  2. You were lucky to see me spinning. WOC usually provides ninja posts of leather helms, food that's comsumed b4 the wheel stops and stone.

    Gotta ask - why are you Zeusmighty here if you are Badabing there?
  3. Lol I saw you was online cause you spun the wheel and I'm like I know that name from somewhere and it was the fourms :P
  4. Ahhhh..I thought you were na24s Zeusmighty. No wonder Im confused lol
  5. Im Badabing
  6. Confused now, so who are you now in na24?
  7. Mars, We used to be alliance mates till stuff happened and i had to leave Kallisti..
  8. which planet have you been on? haha
  9. Didnt know you played NA24 O.o
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