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  1. Hey bro you ready
  2. On NA35 my name will be BIG N. Its my name on servers NA33 and up. But i dont play on NA33. IM quiing 2 of my servers and gunna still play on NA29 barely though and 98% NA35
  3. Yes bro i will be on from now and forever just making sure i had everything in order too start lookibng forward too see you and the others , glad too be vice host , AcePack is the name , what will be your name ?
  4. Also will you be on the night it opens
  5. You ready for the new server
  6. AcePack i mean
  7. ye ACetrain
  8. You get my mssg .
  9. Ummmmm Legends merged with kindmhrts, RAge joined the colaition, Im aksing if Redninja if Elitered can move to ROmagna, or Bohemia, and pres seats are full now
  10. Hey bro update me lol
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