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  1. What was/is your your player name for na11?
  2. na11 , na17 , s12 and s56
  3. I do not know the exact date of na35 but I think around a weeks time. I have played on na1, na7,na9, na11, na15,na20, na32, na34. Yourself?
  4. Im in the Armed , Big NN put me in it yesterday , what server you from , and do you know exaclty when na35 starts ?
  5. Yes, ARMED coalition.
  6. Armed coaltion right ?
  7. Hello nice to meet you. Good luck with vhing HONOR and will look forward to you being a part of ARMED!
  8. hey bro , just wanted too drop by and say and introduce myself , im going too be vh on HONOR on na35 me and BIG NN tlked about it , wanted too get too know you more .
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