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  1. well it depends i might leave them with my dad...

    you know what the best part about throwing flaming dog crap at ppls houses is? their first reaction is to stomp it out (usually)
  2. The latter sounds fun.

    So where are you gonna be dropping off your sister and her friends while you go have some fun?
  3. idk.. ill either take my sister and her friends out, or go throw flaming dog poo at my friends house
  4. Gonna be taking the cousins out for trick or treating.

  5. hmm so technical

    what are gonna be doing?
  6. Happy day before Halloween.
  7. lol

    happy halloween
  8. Boo.

    The ghost comments.
  9. lmao after reading it a second time i figured that out
  10. I can't type today. :P

    I meant to say she asked me, (Comma) to answer your question.
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