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  1. Don't be sorry for me I grew up in Caledonia lol Hamilton is a big step up for me!
  2. Ha! I always thought you were from the Midwest, but yea you are right down the 403 from me ... Still I have to say that I feel sorry for you if you live in Hamilton
  3. Yep! I am indeed Mississauga isn't too far from me
  4. You're from Hamilton? I split my time between Mount Forest and Mississauga
  5. Thanks, and looks like yours was recent so right back at you
  6. Happy *clap clap clap* Birthday *clap clap clap* Happy Birthday... to YOU!
  7. lol Well they can feel free to start it in GD or Alliance sections
  8. Yes I did ... That thread had potential
  9. Did you... Did you just boo rep me? lol So confused!
  10. Yeah no worries, if you figure out the formula it would be epic to have it in our Guides section
    Good luck!
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