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  1. THAT.. my dear, deserves a facepalm..
  2. thats gotta be one of the most revealing avatars on these forums lol

    EDIT: nm i saw the full sig ... the way u cropped it doesnt look like a shoulder but rather like a .... maybe i should get my head out of the gutter? lol
  3. knew you'd be back... muahahahahahaha
  4. im keeping you in suspense...
  5. question of the day ... will u ever get to 100 posts on here? lol
  6. its a punishment not a treat!!! -facepalm-

  7. mmmm chocolate chips
  8. *sneaks in, throws choc chips at u & runs away*
  9. *sneaks in steals a cookie sneaks out*
  10. lol i know im still waiting for an infraction o.O .. idc they shouldnt mess around with us like that lol
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