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  1. Saints. But i'm worried now bc that whole drama with the cash incentives for injuries being exposed and also they might not want to sign drew brees-who is like my fav qb EVER . if they don't resign him they are retodded! I was sad they played eachother in first round of playoffs lol it was kind of lose lose for me
  2. Whos your favorite team?

    And yes, penalties need to be cut down lol.
  3. YAY!! they are my 2nd fav team in the nfl..I've always cheered for them bc they stunk so long (sorry no offense) and I was so happy when they did well. TBH it's not their game that's lacking Stafford is great and CJ is a beast, and they can even build up more, I think their mane problem is some of the players attitude/discipline sometimes . I remember watching a game last season and they lost almost 2 football fields of yardage due to penalties. That's crazy! lol I hope they make it farther this yeaR!
  4. Yes Lions fan
  5. btw...while i was stalking u..noticed..lions fan?
  6. >.>
    I g0t 0ut a scary l00king kitteh f0r this 0ne:
  7. Sure I can. It takes a little bit of cats, mini cameras, and a disguise
  8. u can't stalk me if im stalking u first!
  9. Ah Hah!!!

    I will stalk drive you later, after Im done with my current target :P.

    *Quick Stalk Drive*
  10. drive by stalk
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