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  1. lol hey i gave you some credit
  2. I think you're set on antagonizing me. ... No, seriously, just let me know what you think is missing. I'll add it.
  3. Well they are only a handful of people of the hundreds you were speaking of. So its great that they know where you are coming from but shouldnt everyone since you posted in the forums? I think its great that you will post that on the forums I think once people see that it will be less "personal" if you know what i mean.
  4. Trust me, there's a lot of things I would have already posted by now if another topic hadn't been brought up. I will post it though. Besides that, I'm pretty sure canker, JBalz, and Chef all know where I stand anyway. I talked with Borgia much (yesterday) and I'm pretty sure he relayed quite a bit.
  5. THEN I think you should post something saying just that. Because with that being open still it sure seems you still believe it.
  6. Whao, hold your horses. I didn't say cank or JBalz lied. I said that whether intended or not, their actions resembled the practices of BoB before the BoB vs. BlkThorn war. In my opinion, viewing the circumstances at the time, it appeared that they were acting as BoB again. The dialogue and actions from them since have indicated otherwise. Trust me, I don't want to hinder them from severing their ties with BoB.
  7. So you truly believe that by saying BOB is still alive you are not hampering Canks efforts to start new and leave BOB behind with past leadership? To me you post was basically disrespecting Cank and Contempt saying imo that they were/are liars by saying BOB is no more. You want us to see things from your side yet you can not for a second see how your post is stirring up resentments that wont let the server move forward. You sir can not dictate to P5 or Predator who they should war or friendly in order to 'prove' they are no longer BOB. Even people that BOB was red with have come onto that post and said BOB is no more give Cank a chance to move forward....
  8. I know. I'm just trying to make sure you realize that I haven't ignored your posts because of snobbery and that I'm a friendly enough guy. I am in a dispute with emcee, but that is something else. My post was made to inspire dialogue in the open to counter the behind the scenes conversations that have been taking place, not to hamper canker's efforts.
  9. lol im not a huge fan of CC Cookies tbh just the dough I can't agree with you bringing up the BOB thing. Cank is serious about moving forward and you not letting it go makes that hard to happen. There will always be wars for whatever reasons but thats the point of the game right? FTR i'm not always against you I just really don't agree with this particular argument sorry :/
  10. "Does Omni have a off switch?"

    No. What would it take to get you on my side for once? I've tried being wrong and I've tried being right, but neither seems to get you to back me up. How about a bribe? I bake cookies quite frequently. Chocolate chip?
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