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  1. I wont have to moderate anyone if I am not given the need to do so. Thanks for the congratz
  2. hey bish grats on the mod spot dont hate on me as much as boleslav did lol
  3. always time to visit the

    yes we got new smilies
  4. i prob wont be here lol. im only doin this to mess around. got a girl now, school and work. no time
  5. lol, in Giants, they are having a smexy time using up my troops on some enemies, ill come back in 4 months or so
  6. join slapahoe and help me take over the worldz! use ur troops there! no blues lol
  7. meh, i quit, who cares, i just hope that someone used up my 3.2 mil troops instead of refuging :/
  8. they left because they didnt agree with SMD's choices. (to many blues and werent allowed to hit anyone without comfirmation) lol
  9. some of the heavier hitters left, leaving SMD with a few remaining BAMF players and a lot of new n00bs
  10. they have lost their touch. thats it. SMD blamed me for setting them up with a friendship with p5. the only thing i did, was clear all MY wars before i left the game. I gave him a clean slate, so he can blame no one except himself.
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