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  1. Haha all right :P
  2. I want the article afterwards >_>

    Also, if you want the stock image, lemme know, I'll get it from my computer when I get home from Pensacola.
  3. I was looking for an anime pic for an article Im working on. All I can say.
  4. I'm still waiting for an answer.
  5. And those reasons are...?
  6. I had my reasons :P thanks anyways.
  7. Uhhh... why?
  8. Acer, what was the previous sig image you had of? (the one before the one you have right now)..

    and can you link me to the image... tnx
  9. I do, it comes out as a box stilll.... I tried both Chrome, firefox, and on a different laptop...

    but I will try again later
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