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  1. and here's number 2.. Now tell me you've been rep'd more than this.. See, I make loads of useful posts, and many knows me from the actual game. That helps a lot when it comes to getting reputation.

  2. Well, lets see.. I need to make 2 VMs.. heres number 1

  3. in addition, red rep was disabled before you came here, so you dont have to worry about that in your current count.
  4. i have no idea who gave you so much rep....but those numbers are misleading, as the amount of rep people give is based of their post count and current rep, and since you began on the forum later then all of the posters in that list we have been repped hundreds of times more then you, we just got less points for it.
  5. Oh really?
  6. your rep message.....dream on
  7. Another thing that says my picture got me attention from girls hahah
  8. looking through your vm's, i see angel agrees with me
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