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  1. Nice of you to think of me on valentines day though
  2. I can't help but be curious about this place, I spent a lot of time here in the past, so I pop in to see what's what
  3. i didnt realise you were still around!
  4. Hey look who is back, looking good girlie
  5. hey! you may be right!
  6. I've never made an album before on here, but I did a quick check test of the "Pictures & Albums" thingy, which I think is what you use to make them? And when you add a new album there's a button that says "Album type: Private - Only visible to contacts and moderators", maybe that's what would work?
  7. yeah true, if there is one i might just leave them up! i hadnt thought about that!
  8. Yay! Good to hear, I thought you were a very pretty girl (now you're a big grey question mark haha) and so it was fun to pull on your pigtails now and again. A shame theres no option to only let friends see your pictures so you could keep out the unwanteds but share with the people you like.
  9. no! you werent! no worries!
  10. Well I hope I wasn't one of them, I was just having a bit of fun around and abouts, didnt want to invade your privacy or anything.
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