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  1. lmao, they wont go after me for speaking my words, i had to eat dinner so had to stop posting for a while
  2. Watch out Ghost. They're going to shoot at you if you stand with me . I love you man. I've been missing talking with you. Hope you're doing well in school/life/game.
  3. hey..............
  4. O,o are you actually serious? im there quite often >.>
  5. You and crip find something else to do? I hardly ever see either one of you here anymore. I need to create some Evony bait to keep you guys here. Shoulder cookies obviously weren't enough.
  6. you going fine already half-way there
  7. 1,000 Posts? Really? :/ I have a looooong way to go.
  8. we still have to finish up a war with Predator aka Victory aka Karnage

    gonna be a while before that happens, but it is honestly a great idea i never thought off. ill keep it in my mind definitely
  9. Midgard needs to have a mission. Mission #1 imo should be clearing out UL of anyone that isn't going to be blue. That makes it simple enough that anyone in the Alliance, new or old, will have something to work on. Makes me want to come back...
    My work says no though.
  10. ill last long enough to take out some of them before tha happens
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