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  1. Kinda creepy you want pics of me...o.0
  2. Where'd you get the picture of that troll with the club? That was cool.
  3. -_-. Thats
  4. Hey, I have a new signature addition. Do you like it?
  5. I know, i have a strange feeling it might be reopened though...its been closed and reopened like 5 times now.
  6. I wanted in on the Adoption thread... Arumen closed it though. Arumen...
  7. O Hai!
    Lol wut.
  8. Criplockin uzes teh Ninja Cats to pwnt teh enemmeez sumtoms. U mae naht c teh akshun bu eet steehl hapinz.
  9. I just read the previous posts on here... and at first I was like huh? , but then I was like , but now I'm just like . No doubt about it. You're a magnet for the lolz.
  10. Talk about stalking, what about you finding Starchief's failed thread on Server2 Forum? AH HAH! U b teh staklr uv teh 4umz!
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