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    Are you tired of living in a fascist community that values blind obedience over your enjoyment? Would you rather, instead of feasting on a flaming pile of feces, be eating a giant stack of cookies? If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then you should check out...


    We have 8 forums packed full of high-class AWESOMENESS. We have over 50 threads already!

    When I was on the Evony Forums, I made friends. The reality is that the sole purpose of the forums is to act as a front for EVOMETH. It isn't even that good. I wouldn't have any problem with EvoMeth if the dealers who push it weren't evil, deceptive, con-artists. Would you live in a kingdom run by a king that steals from its people, kills dissidents, and makes deals with bandits? I wouldn't.

    VIVA LA REVOLUCION and potatoes

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