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  1. I thought that said couch, not coach...Was like...dude...your couch is working you hard??
  2. tired b/c im always tired and sore b/c track season started at my school and we're doing try-outs and i have the meanest coach....nearly worked us half to death on 1st day....
  3. Tired and sore? How come? Been fighting with kittens and small children and losing?
  4. ultra hater poke back! im doing ok, tired, sore, tired...
  5. Counter ninja super poke. Take that!

    How you doin?
  6. poke hehe
  7. That complaining works!
  8. lol make a note about what
  9. Finally! See? Complaining about stuff works. Make a note.

    Stupid mods
  10. Its fixed!!!
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