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  1. Now that's soundin like Death note
  2. "One day god will die, and even he will be reaped."
    Supernatural xD
  3. -Explains how much better you are then me

    - Fails to post sized picture
  4. The pic failed... but I'm that awesome I wont change it xD
  5. Had part of my brain removed... and then replaced it with a ham sammich.

    Dammit ninnerz learn how to resize a freakin' image
  6. What the hell is wrong with you lately? XD
  7. <4 A love heart with a 4 is 1 better then 3, because you deserve it.
  8. Happy Birthday ninners
  9. Why go back to his original powers, fullbring looks cool as. and it seems ichigo's hollow powers are like super charging it (as ofc no-one has ever had hollofication + fullbring before.

    When he gets his original powers back he will no doubt be so much stronger. (But ofc everyone will still be faster then him to **** you off :P )
  10. It was weird. It's obviously a stepping stone to original powers, but it seems very long and stretched. A bit too much.
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