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  1. lol okay I might take you up on that suggestion...
  2. Oh, no...I wasn't offering to....or trying to....nvm.

    Just suggesting a quick port in, smash and grab, port out. That's all.
  3. Na my position in ROMGNA is solid. I'll stay here but thanks for the offer.
  4. Well....I could have sworn Wildor would close that thread while he was on it just a few minutes ago.

    But, back to 143.....I'm invading Franconia right now. Feel free to stop on by. There aren't many decent players in the area and lotsa easy plunder.
  5. Ah not bad. To be honest i am VH but i am not taking an active role. I may be revoking my position to Member.
  6. is the new alliance going?
  7. Thank you
  8. Just ignore that Britain thread. It'll get closed shortly, no doubt.
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