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  1. Sarasca,
    This is a request on a different note. I just received my 4th installment of my premium rewards package on server 5. On that server I have 11 weeks remaining. I want to have my remaining weeks switched over to server 24. I have mailed evony about this 6 times & have only gotten computer generated awnsers explaning the package, which is realy frustrating. I have spent money on evony several times already and don't see a problem with my request, especially since i have spent my own personal money. The reson for the switch is that our alliance is now down to 20 players, we are being attacked every day & there is not much left. Thundrfang & I have started a new alliance on server 24 & I could really use the remaining package on server 24. If U could be of any assistance on this matter I would greatly appriciate this. I am just looking for awnsers here form a real person not a computer. Once again thank you so much for reading and hopefully responding to my message.
  2. Hey there Sarasca. ThundrFang sent me to give you a message. I am going to post a message about renforcing for attacks and asking for help when needed. Also instructions on the importants of building up troops and defences. ThundrFang wanted me to ask you who I should message about this Talk to you soon
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