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  1. Due to continusly getin atakd ur loyalty myt hv dropd. . .Due to tht ur idle population myt hv been 0 wen u tried recrutin more ppl. . .Jst do some disaster relief nd wen ur loyalty comes to normal aply populatn increasin. . .Everythin wil come bak to normal. . .If u already hv the ans 2 dis q den dnt boder. . .Jst tryin 2 help
  2. Hey sarasca i see tht u r realy wel informd abt dis game. . Dere r so many q tht i wana ask bt as m new 2 the forum so i realy dont knw hw nd where to ask dem. . .So m gonna ask all the q frm u. . .PlzzzPlzzzPlzzzPlzzzPlzzzPlzzz awnser dem. . .Ok here it goes-
    1. Wat is the ideal ratio of fortifictn units( traps logs etc. ..)
    2. Hw cn i play evony on mobile?
    3. If i store all the amulets over the week nd use dem al at once after i hv 7or8, is dere ne probability tht i ll get a beter reward as compard to situatn wen i use dem everyday?
    Plz help me out by awnserin dese q. . .I wud b very thnkful.. . .
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