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  1. No lol am i not allowed Vm you?
  2. You need something Gonz?
  3. JOJington.
  4. maybe, whats the cause?
  5. Interested in planning a forum alliance for s152? just a thought trying to get feedback now , no final decision weather ill do it or not.
  6. and I dont associate with people who wont grow up and put rudeness aside to make A better forum.....Enough said.......Enjoy life, because when it gets it's darkest, no-one will be there for you when you push them away....-Denius Ceaser, 3rd cousin of Julius Ceaser.
  7. 1st, i talked 2 ghost...yes, it was destined 2 fail, but it was to make a good laugh and cheer...2nd, if your gonna say im an idiot, say it 2 my face....3rd, Please just say something nicer and maybe The thread could have been removed by A sr. mod. I have many words 2 say, but they would be blocked......................a friendship, now wasted....
  8. you know, i thought you were a friend, but after seeing keldon's page saying im an idiot, I am very disapointed at you...friendship...broken....Hope you make it.....or not....
  9. yep, i need some ideas for next years fireworks pics....made a thread in n1 forum. If ya got any plz post man plus there was to much flame, and not enough cheer, so i thought i would do something fun 4 1nce.
  10. And to you
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