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  1. i understand your point, but u must look not only at whatty's veiw, but at my veiw as well. Yes i flamed alot but thats because either i find the person to be a hypocritical liar, or if they are spreading something of private matter. I am sending a forgivness letter to abracax, and il apologize 2 u and dc, but whatty i shall never like i said before. He tried to disgrace the name of a good allience, and i had to say something. Im sorry it had to end the same way it did like when me and endless had a flame war, but endless and i came to a resolve. I ask for ur forgivenice and that my apology be accepted, but at least look at my veiw with some reason that whatty was desecrating w4 and im sure ul see where im going, ok?
  2. abracax i will apologize 2, since he puts up with this crap, but whatty i shall not.
  3. and yet whatty gets away with trash talking w4 name,...thats real great!!! That little punk gets away with his crime and yet im the bad guy, wow. Thats real judgement. Well **** the n1 forum then. When he acts up, ad u tell him to shut it, hope u remember me and that i was ****en right. Burn in ****ing ****.
  4. cool thnks
  5. hey umm......srry bout the thread, guess we all got carried away, we ok?
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