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  1. of course i am! i may be the last person left on the forums whos still active, But im here lol

    How have you been?
  2. Are you still on here? O.O
  3. Jeez Alaska, thats the coldest part of the states right? heard yall got one of the coldest winters recorded (We do get the news down under )

    Ive been good, Modding is much easier now days, I dont really even get to kill spambots anymore, Its just me and the crickets really posting regulary, plus a few every time a new server comes out, But its normally the same handful of people who chat at those times.

    I spose since you've moved you'll never see "ET" again
  4. It's been going really well I pop back and see how everyone is doing and just kinda maintain my account.

    I moved to Alaska, so during the winter when I can't really go out doors, it's nice to have something to keep me entertained.

    How's everything going with my fave mod?
  5. your like one of them pop up books, every now and then just popping up outta nowhere lmao. How you been?
  6. in that case welcome back again
  7. Its a long story lol. Im back again though
  8. Oi! Where did you run off too? You were here and now pooof nothing in weeks!!!
  9. lol.. not seen "ET" lately.. he got mad at me when i quit playing the game and quit coming into my work lol
  10. Welcome back btw have you seen "ET" since? lol
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