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  1. Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
  2. Hey hey hey happy birthday!
  3. h0w dare u. if i typed them t0 u in m0rse c0de u shuld still l0ve them!
  4. GET A NEW KEYBOARD AND THEN I'LL LOVE YOUR DRIVEBY HUGS Seriously, get on skype we need to talk more!
  5. w/e u w0uld just ign0re my drive by hugs anyway ( l0l and i am here n0w! i g0t fired s0 i have m0re free times!
  6. WHIwabgiEbgegrwoihnrew RAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH

  7. Heeeyyyy!!! How are you???
  8. ME0W!!
  9. LOL!!!

    Nice =D
  10. i t0ld s0me0ne t0 g0 rape s0me0ne instead 0f t0 g0 rep them by mistake hehe
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