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  1. your not doing well at quiting are you lol
  2. grr with you leaveing ill never find out who "ET" acctually was, therefore i still claim him to be ET.

    good luck with life Mel
  3. yeah hes really giveing you a large list to sort through lmao

    i still say its ET and hes just saying you talked smack with him to throw you off his scent lol
  4. damn guy just keeps giving me hints on who he is..driving me crazy!!lol.. all i know is its a top 50 player..ive been in an alliance that actively warred his..but he never personally attacked me.. and weve crap talked each other in could be so many ppl!
  5. lmao ok i wont tell if you dont say i accepted :P

    hows ET going LOL
  6. shh.. dont tell eire i sent you a friend request ;-)
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