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  1. Sorry I just had to contribute to the squirrel infestation of your page... I didn't have a choice... the lolcats made me do it... i was using them too much lol...
  2. If you watch that episode of andromeda...

    just a reminder... i swear I'm not trying to sound pushy
  3. watch the whole episode... and yes it's in english ---- the beginning quote means this:
    "Spiral, spin, ride the whirlwind.
    Knowing when the drumming stops,
    There'll be no second dance."
    - Ulatempa Poetess, "Rhythms", CY 9825
  4. I'm on I'm on, my internet if finally being nice... or skype is or something... lol
  5. i'll try again now but i doubt I'll have success I've tried like 10 times in the last month...
  6. Awwwweeee
  7. no skype is being a total pain and won't load for me
  8. You still using skype?
  9. No problem
  10. So yea with that social group (thank you for joining btw) i've invited like over 40 people, if i can get even a few of them to join I'll be happy but yea mostly commenting on your page to say thanks for joining
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