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  1. That's you isn't it.
  2. in case you don't look at the thread again - pluto is no longer a planet... since 2006
  3. comes to get my food for the day - prances to your feet, stops, purrs and then begs

    *seriously just watch the video it's so cute lol, although i feel a little sorry for the kitty*
  4. Dawnseeker did lol
  5. 'Enola Gay' today? who picked these? lol
  6. i could potentially make you hate me with this thread lol

  7. Guards this page from evil-doers, mean people, complainers, and *hmm* stinky people lol
  8. Oh my cat goes crazy for things.

    Like to get me to open the blinds. To open my door. To give him water. To move my ass over to the other end of the bed.

    He's a very pushy cat ._.
  9. I had a simease cat for 17 and a half years. He was the same age as me when he died (17 and a half) and I'm almost 22 now... Every morning he would have his daily can of fancy feast and he begged for the stuff. And I mean BEGGED, with very loud meows and running his front legs up ours until we opened the can and gave him his food lol. Dry cat food works and actually has more nutrients then wet cat food but cats won't go as crazy over it.
  10. It HAS to be fancy feast? Because my cat eats dry food just fine.
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