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  1. Just go to it!!!! You'll love it, I guarantee it!
  2. Omg spambot!!!!
  3. Dude, teh most awesomsauce site EVAR!!!!
    I'm serious! Its teh win!
  4. Remind me to kill mah self when I do.
  5. Oh, so close... but you're getting there
  6. BTW, I ate some apple pie the other day... yum
    But Cake is still better
  7. wut? lololol
    *Kills Pieman*
  8. It just doesn't go with you well... I expect to look at some noob every time I see it xD
  9. BAHAHAHAHAHAAA It kinda looks like Jorja Fox doesn't it?
    But no, its really Tarja Turunen :P
    I'll be changing it to something different on Sunday... prolly game or anime related, and most likely something I had before.
  10. Ugh, I get so confused every time I see ur avatar D:<
    I remember when it was that anime dude with a gun... You had that one for a long time
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