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  1. Darrenb209
    don't go there anyway yesterday it got hit by a major spam attack... the main reason Acer thinks people join is he is a Global Mod... lol
    YOU LIE!!!! lol
  2. Nah, just busy writing novels. xD
  3. Already gone..???
  4. Sucks ta see ya go buddy....
  5. I have officially frozen my own skype. That should keep DeSal off for a while... Mac vs mac. Most of those messages are still pending on him. Every time he logs back in, a new dose will hit him. Unfortunately, im stuck.
  6. ACER!!! PROBLEM!!!

    I went too far with DeSal... MY LAG GUN HAS BEEN AUTO FIRING FOR THE LAST 5 MINUTES!!!

    Tell the others...
  7. OK!! DONE!! Thats as much as I can do... for some reason all the deleting killed my Remove Message button. there ish only 12 left
  8. Almost done!! About 20 more to go...
  9. Thank you.... (I had to restart 5 times just to be able to get into task manager to shut off skype before it loaded)
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