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  1. sorry/ thanks for quick reply
  2. i did click on his city with no luck, he has no spaces, he attacked as soon as city showed up with no 24hr break, i never seen a random put 2 people next to each other(only 1 mile)
  3. He may have already been banned, which is one possibility. Also, if he changed his name with a new ID, the old one will give you that error message. And finally, it is possible that he's got a space or something in his name that you are missing. Try clicking on his city and clicking "Send" to write to him.
  4. how can i be destroyed by a player who doesn't exist???i had a player named godofwar on server125 teleport next to me and immediately rape my ciries, but when i tried to mail him it says player doesnt exist.I want an answer about this.

    SERVER N2/125
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