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  1. sorry for not saying anything for so long!

    It's the story factory of the Forums. If you would like to take a story sketch up there, I am sure that there will be an editor who is glad to help you with your selection.
  3. Here is my story: One day a boy named Burn has found a giant robot in his backyard,Burn has called his dad to see the giant robot.
    Which his dad said how the heck has this thing fall into our backyard? Burn said I don't know dad but can we keep him?
  4. I could help edit it for you...
  5. Interesting...

    If you wish, I have always been good at spelling and grammar...
  6. i am fine in my room writing a story!
  7. I am doing well. Yourself?
  8. Hey so how are you doing?
  9. I am getting rid of your nasty red bar if I can...

    I am +repping you...
  10. ok.

    I will later on.

    Right now, it's 5:33 in the morning over here, and I have stayed up all night--again...
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